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Hanoi Aqua Central owning a prime location with superior luxury lifestyle, this will become one of the perfect highlights of Hanoi capital in the future.

Tổng quan chung cư Hà Nội Aqua Central

Hanoi Aqua Central is located right on Hang Bun and Yen Phu streets, convenient for security and transportation for residents, possessing beautiful views towards the windy West Lake, Truc Bach Lake, Red River, Long Bien Bridge, Hanoi old town and Hoan Kiem lake history.



Investor: Hanoi Water Tower Joint Stock Company
Project name: Hanoi Aqua Central
Location: No. 44 Yen Phu, Truc Bach, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi.
Scale: Mixed office building, commercial service area, hotel and commercial apartments
Design unit: CPG Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Management and supervision unit: Coninco 3C Joint Stock Company
Executing unit: Long Giang Company and Song Da 207 Company
With a total project area: 6,468m2
Total floors: 21 floors
The total number of apartments is 238 apartments and Penthouses
Types of area: 3 - 4 bedrooms (117 m2 - 146 m2)
Handover conditions: will complete luxury furniture
Construction density: 50% construction
Handover time: First Quarter 2018
Project scale:
+ Basement: designed 3 basements with a total area of 9,894m2 project
+ 1st - 3rd floor: design of commercial center
+ Level 4 - 21: is a commercial apartment


Hanoi Aqua Central is in a golden position when located at the corner of two main streets of Hanoi capital, Yen Phu street and Hang Bun street. Especially the project area also has a back gate located on the peaceful Nguyen Khac Nhu street.
From the apartment of Hanoi Aqua Central project residents will be able to see the beautiful scenery of West Lake, Truc Bach Lake and Red River.

Vị trí chung cư

Location of Hanoi Aqua Central

Area links
+ Located right in the center of Hanoi old town
+ From Hoan Kiem Lake: nearly 1km
+ About 500m from West Lake
+ 400m from Lake Truc Bach
+ 500m from Long Bien Bridge:
+ And 700m from Chuong Duong Bridge


The design includes 21 floating floors, in which:
- 1st - 3rd floor: is the commercial center and office for lease
- 4th - 20th floors: are apartments and hotels
- 21th floor: is the Penhouse apartments, 3 basements designed for smart auto parking.
Mặt bằng thiết kế điển hình Hà Nội Aqua Central

Apartments and hotels from floors 4 to 20: next to 2 units A and B

Area A: Commercial apartment area including 238 apartments with area from 117m2 to 145 m2
Zone B: A hotel for long-term lease with a variety of areas from 100m2 - 152 m2

Nội thất mẫu của chung cư Hà Nội Aqua Central

Penthouse apartments in Hanoi Aqua Central: includes 12 apartments located on the 21st floor
The apartments at the apartment are fully equipped with high-quality furniture imported from Europe with luxurious design full of natural light.

Mẫu phòng ngủ


Hanoi Aqua Central is a rare project located in the center of Hanoi Old Quarter so residents will be equipped with all the most advanced facilities and services to serve the residents living here:

Tiện ích và dịch vụ

- Trade center
- Supermarket
- Swimming pool with four seasons designed according to international standards
-Nurseries, garden, children's play area
- Gym, cafe, luxury restaurants.


Tiện ích và dịch vụ

  • Apartments for rent and sale in Hanoi Aqua Central
  • Apartments for rent and sale in Hanoi Aqua Central


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